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Learn Raspberry Pi

If you have not previously used or setup your Raspberry Pi before, there are some steps you will need to complete.

The default username and password for the Raspberry Pi are as follows:

  • Username: pi
  • Password: raspberry

It is important to keep a reference of the Raspberry Pi pin numbering, as the numbers are not in any meaningful sequence. Refer to the following diagram for the Raspberry Pi 3(b).

Power supply warning - The Pi will automatically turn itself on when you plug the power in. The Pi draws power through its micro USB port. You need a power supply of at least 2500 mA (be aware most phone chargers only provide 1500 to 2000 mA). The Pi will sometimes "appear" to work with a less capable power supply but will sometimes behave in weird unexplained ways if you aren't giving it enough power.

Programming with Python

Programminng with Java

Programming with Assembler

For those who want the red pill...


Project ideas

System management guides

Refer to my sysadmin repo for more information

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