Paul Baumgarten

Computer Scientist, teacher, freelance programmer and self confessed geek

IB Diploma Computer Science

Welcome to my teaching notes for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Computer Science course.


Units & key resources

IB assessment outline

Examination Standard level High level
Exam 1: Short answer & structured scenarios. Units 1-7. 45%, 1h30 40%, 2h10
Exam 2: Object orientated programming. Units D1-D4. 25%, 1h00 20%, 1h20
Exam 3: Case study (HL only) n/a 20%, 1h00
Internal assessment: Solution 30%, 30h 20%, 30h
Internal assessment: Group 4 project 0%, 10h 0%, 10h

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Other resources

Online programming courses & lectures

If you come across any other site worth adding to the list, please let me know!