iGCSE CompSci notes

My teaching notes for the Cambridge iGCSE Computer Science course. These notes will be updated over the 2019-2021 period, unit by unit as they are taught.

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Programming expectations

Programming is one of those skills where you will get out of it what you put in. If you make an investment of time, your skills will develop and grow. If you do not invest the time, your skills will stagnate or even deteriorate. While programming is most often thought of as a Math or Science derived skill, it is also very much a Language acquisition. Just like learning any other language, a little bit of practice every day, or every second day, goes a long way. The above is a long way to say this: To do well, you should be aiming to spend 30 minutes every two or three days practicing your programming aand algorithmic skills (outside of class).

My suggested pathway to develop your skills is…

Stage 1 - Introduction to programming

Stage 2 - Practice basic problem solving

Stage 3 - Intermediate problem solving. You can now worry less on the basic mechanics of the language. Start expanding your knowledge with new language features and develop your problem solving thinking skills.

Stage 4 - Independent programming

Course overview