Paul Baumgarten

Computer Scientist, teacher, freelance programmer and self confessed geek

IGCSE Computer Science

My teaching notes for Cambridge iGCSE Computer Science course (code 0478).

Be aware that the syllabus has changed. The course notes will be different for current Year 10 students compared to current Year 11 students. Ensure you are using the correct set of notes!

Year 10 2021/22

Course overview for Year 10s

For Year 10s of 2021/22 (exams in May 2023)

Teaching materials for Year 10s

Teaching materials will be added as the course progresses.

Year 11 2021/22

Course overview for Year 11s

For Year 11s of 2021/22 (exams in May 2022)

Teaching material for Year 11s

Other resources

For past exam papers: Best to speak to me as due to copyright I can't post them on a public website

Note: Sha Tin College is in exam zone 5. For CS, students will sit papers 12 and 22.