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Chapter 1 - Introduction to Python

These lessons could be completed using either the Python IDLE editor that comes with Python, or through an online portal such as or

Chapter 2 - Pygame

Linked documents pending completion

Unlike part 1 where you could use a variety of tools, the lessons and videos for section 2 are written around having Jetbrains PyCharm installed. In theory, you could use the simple editor that comes with Python from, but in reality it will make things more complicated as a beginner.

Chapter 3 - Pygame project starters

  • Pong
  • Snake
  • Simple platformer
  • Space invaders
  • 1942
  • Candy crush
  • More complex platformer

Chapter 4 - Extending Python

Some linked documents pending completion

Additional topics not in the current printed edition of the book

Learn Python with the turtle

This section is for those looking to learn with the Python Turtle and are not using my book. The turtle introduction is intended to suit for younger students (such as Year 8s) who are opting-in to embrace a programming environment more challenging than Scratch but are a little intimidated by the idea of coding in a pure text environment. The turtle allows you to learn the basics through a graphical/visual system where you draw and animate various shapes on screen.

This pathway requires the IDLE program that comes with Python.

Additional content

The book is always a work in progress. Here are a few things that will likely be added to a future edition.

Specify your file as Python 3 by always using this as the first line:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

Useful 3rd party libraries

  • pyqrcode - Generate QR codes in Python

Sharing or distributing your Python project. You've made it, now how to do you share it with others?

Other resources

Documentation about the programming language

Run Python online

Get copies of the MDN documents offline:

Project ideas