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These resources are split into two sections: (1) tutorial series and (2) reference notes.

Tutorial series

If you are new to pygame and are looking for a step-by-step introduction to using it. This series will guide you through creating a classic arcade style platformer game.


  • Download and install the latest version of Python (currently 3.8.5) here - make sure you turn on the tick box to install Python into the path.
  • Download and install VS code here
  • Start VS code. Go to file / preferences / extensions. Search for and install the Python extension. Detailed instructions here if needed.
  • Press Windows and X keys together, and select to open Windows Powershell (Admin). Type the command pip install pygame to install the Pygame library onto your system.
  • Video walkthrough of installing Python, VS Code and how to install packages (though it is targeted to a different course so demonstrates installing packages different to Pygame)

1. Basic template, drawing on screen, movement


Resources required:

2. Animated sprites


Resources required:

3. Scene design

4. Obstacles, enemies, objectives

5. Sounds, music, scoring/health/power-ups

6. Levels, saving/loading games

Reference notes

If you don't really need a tutorial, you just need a lookup reference to remind yourself how to use a particular pygame feature.