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Got yourself a Microbit? Awesome! They're a great way to learn Python!

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Sample game projects

Start with a sample game and then adapt it. Add your own music to it, modify the controls, add a Neopixel to indicate scores.

Project ideas

  • Make a pinball game! - example this is cool!
  • LED grid tetris game - example
  • LED Neopixel analog clock - example
  • LED Neopixel binary clock - example
  • LED Neopixel clothing - example, example2
  • Fitness step counter using Accelerometer example
  • Bluetooth morse code transmitter example (use the buttons to transmit dot/dash/space, convert to letters on the receive end. add a speaker for the beeps?)
  • Bluetooth game? - example Battleship
  • Bluetooth game show buzzers (one controller and speaker, 3 for game show participants)
  • Servo motor controlled cardboard candy dispenser - concept example
  • LED Traffic lights - example
  • Custom game controller using gyroscope - example
  • How clean is my pond - example
  • Make a musical instrument (use the gyroscope, accelerometer or touchpad) - example


Reference documents

The following links take you to the various sections of the official Microbit Python tutorials:

Other useful links

Other notes

Generic brand neopixels can be found by searching for ws2812b LED strips.


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