A collection of resources for the Java programming language

Reference summary

Use as a handy reminder/prompt of key Java syntax (it is not a teaching book, but a "reminders" book).

Online exercises

Useful tutorials

(let me know if you come across others worthy of adding to this list)


Online IDE

Java tools

University of Helsinki online course

The University of Helsinki has an excellent online resource for learning Java. You can use it as standalone notes + exercises, or you can even sign up to their MOOC, and submit completed activities for recognition. They provide the course via a Creative Commons license, so I'm able to host PDF copies here for reference as well.

The online course is split into two parts. Part 1 contains weeks 1-6, and part 2 contains weeks 7-12. Start with the setup instructions (particularly relevant if you want to submit your completed exercises to U.Helsinki for recognition).

Introducing part 1

Introducing Part 2

Some of the exercises require files provided by U Helskini in order to complete. Those files can be downloaded here:

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