<!-- TITLE: Welcome --> # Courses The following are my courses for 2018/19: * [Year 08 Digital Design](/08-design) for 8CW and 8DS. Using the MYP Design cycle, you will learn the basic principles of computer programming which will include spending a semester using the Lego EV3 robotics kits. * [Year 11 Digital Design](/11-design) as an elective course intended as a precursor to Diploma Computer Science. This course assumes no prior programming knowledge but by the end you should be fairly competent with the Python programming language! * [Diploma Computer Science](/dp-compsci) the International Baccalaureate Diploma course for Computer Science. * [ASA Coding club](/coding-club): The after school coding club runs twice a week. You can choose from Wednesdays 16:00 or Thursdays 16:00. While all Secondary studens are generally welcome, the focus is on those in Year 9 and 10 who are unable to study programming in a curriculum setting. In addition to my regular classes above, I have a number of other programming resources hosted through this website. * [Learn Python](/python) * [Learn Javascript](/javascript) * [Learn Java](/java) * [Raspberry Pi portal](/raspberrypi) # About me I am a Secondary Computer Science teacher currently at the International School of Lausanne in the beautiful Lac LĂ©man (Lake Geneva) region of Switzerland. I was previously based in Perth, Western Australia where I was raised. I have been teaching since 2006, prior to which I worked as an IT Manager and freelance programmer for a number of years. As a Computer Scientist, I like to keep current with industry and generally either have a programming project running on the side or am in the search for one. I consider myself a full stack developer with my current preferred tools being Python and Javascript with HTML5 and SQL technologies. Past commercial projects have used PHP and C# .NET. I'm also proficient in using Node.js, Java, Processing, and Arduino C amongst other technologies. The primary purpose of my website is as a curriculum resource for the students I teach. I also use it as hosting space for various side projects that require an online presence. Whether you are here because you have to be (ie: a student of mine), or are just looking to develop your Computer Science or programming skills, I wish you well on your journey! Computer Science is a fascinating industry of unending change and learning. There are so many exciting technologies emerging at the moment, it is a great time to learn CS! More [about me](/uploads/profile/paul-baumgarten-in-brief.pdf "Paul Baumgarten In Brief"). Paul Baumgarten August 2018 * [Youtube](https://youtube.com/pbaumgarten) * [Twitter](https://twitter.com/pbaumgarten)