This book has been written as a supplemental resource to the classroom based lessons I teach, or to accompany my introduction to programming with Python videos on Youtube. It contains all the demonstrated programming on the videos, summaries of the explanations given in those videos, and a set of practice exercises for students to complete for each skill. This book has not been written to be used as a stand alone resoure for learning programming without a teacher or tutor. The written explainations have been deliberately kept short, intended to be more of a “reminder/prompt” of an idea rather than a full introduction to an idea.

As a teacher of secondary school students, and the fact that I wrote this book in the process of preparing resources to use for my own lessons, the book is largely pitched at the 12-17 age range.

I have videos on my YouTube channel that parallel many of the concepts and execises in this book. I encourage you to check them out to help you along your programming adventures. Additionally any files you may need to complete exercises, any corrections to errors that went to print, along with guides to other useful Python tricks that may not have made it into the book, can all be found at my website.

Get Python

For the lessons in this part 1, you can use one of multitude of methods to run Python. You don’t even need it installed on your computer, you can just use a web browser. Use one of the following methods to get started with Python:

For the lessons in part 2, I assume you are using Jetbrains PyCharm from which have a community edition available for free.

Let’s get started!

Enough jibber jabber… time to get underway!

Have fun programming!

Mr Baumgarten.