Displaying text

There are two steps to displaying text within a Pygame Python program:

The following walks you through the two steps with the program we have been creating over the last few pages.

  1. Create the font variable. Create a font variable before your game loop. Typically I would add it just after all the colours are defined.
ARIAL = pygame.font.SysFont("Arial", 60)
  1. Convert the text to an image and draw it to screen. Inside your loop, before the pygame.display.update(), add two lines to render your text to a bitmap, and then blit that bitmap to the screen window.
label = ARIAL.render("Hello Python!", 1, (255,255,255))
window.blit(label, (300, 50))

The (300,50) in the window.blit command is the coordinates of where to draw the text. The output should look like:


Common mistake: Trying to display numbers

Rendering text is not as friendly as the old print() command you are used to. Everything must be a string. So, for example, if you have an integer variable called score that you want to be displaying on screen, remember to convert it to a string first using str(score).