Mouse events

Mouse events work very similar to keyboard events. They are stored in the same queue to be processed by the for event in loop.

There are three types of events we can check for:

In all three cases, there will be an event.pos value that will indicate the (x,y) location of the mouse pointer when the event occurred. To illustrate the use of mousemotion, lets make a very simple pong game where the paddle will be controlled by the mouse. The sections relevant to the mouse motion event will be highlighted with comments.

Exercise: Really basic “pong” using mousemotion

import pygame, time, random
from pygame.locals import *
window = pygame.display.set_mode((500,500))
fps = pygame.time.Clock()

# Declare colors, fonts, images, variables etc
BLACK = (0,0,0)
WHITE = (255,255,255)
ball_x = 250                            # Starting position of the ball
ball_y = 250
ball_move_x = random.randint(5,10)      # Set a random horizontal speed
ball_move_y = random.randint(5,10)      # Set a random vertical speed
paddle_x = 220                          # Starting position of the paddle
paddle_y = 470
quit = False

# Main game loop
while not quit:
    # Process events
    for event in pygame.event.get():
        if event.type == QUIT:
            quit = True
        elif event.type == MOUSEMOTION:             ## The mouse has moved
            paddle_x = event.pos[0]                 ## We only need the x coordinate of the mouse position

    # Perform calculations
    ball_x = ball_x + ball_move_x
    ball_y = ball_y + ball_move_y

    ball_hit_zone = Rect(ball_x-10, ball_y-10,20,20)
    paddle = Rect(paddle_x, paddle_y, 60, 20)

    if paddle.colliderect(ball_hit_zone):
        ball_move_y = -abs(ball_move_y)
    if ball_x < 0 or ball_x > 500:
        ball_move_x = -ball_move_x
    if ball_y < 0:
        ball_move_y = -ball_move_y
    if ball_y > 500:
        quit = True
        print("You lost! Game over!")

    # Draw graphics
    pygame.draw.ellipse(window, WHITE, ball_hit_zone, 10)
    pygame.draw.rect(window, WHITE, paddle)