Unit 7 - Pre-release material

This unit will be developed once the pre-release material for the April 2021 examinations is published

CIE statement regarding the pre-release material

The Paper 2 Problem-solving and Programming pre-release material is available to centres shortly after the estimated entries deadline for the June and November examinations. It is also reproduced in the question paper. Candidates must not bring any prepared material into the examination.

Candidates must develop solutions to tasks using a high-level programming language, such as Visual Basic, Pascal/ Delphi or Python. The purpose of the pre-release material tasks is to direct candidates to some of the topics which will be examined in Paper 2. Teachers should incorporate these tasks into their lessons and give support in finding methods and reaching solutions. 20 of the marks in this paper are from questions testing candidates’ understanding gained from developing programmed solutions to these tasks.

Rough plan