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Unit 4: Computational thinking, problem solving and programming.

Jeanette Wing (Vice President of Microsoft Research, and previously President’s Processor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh) wrote a short but highly influential paper outlining the importance of computational thinking. That paper forms the basis of this unit within the IB course.

It is available at

This is a large unit that will take all of semester 1 of Year 12. The unit is broken into components as follows:

  • Introduction to Java programming skills
  • Computational thinking
  • Program design using pseudo code, flow charts and trace tables
  • Searching & sorting alogorithms
  • Algorithm efficiency & Big O
  • Programming concepts

Part 1 - Java programming

An introduction to the fundamentals of programming with Java. Each topic contains a problem set that will be submitted via Google Classroom as home learning.

Part 2 - Computational thinking, program design and problem solving

A look at computational thinking strategies, program design tools (pseudo code, flow charts and trace tables), search & sort algorithms, measuring algorithm efficiency (big-o notation) and some incidential programming concepts.

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