Mr Baumgarten

Computer Science teacher and self confessed geek

Internal assessment

The Internal Assessment for Computer Science is an opportunity for you to showcase your algorithmic and technical prowess at developing software intended to solve a legitimate, real world problem for someone.

Approximately 30 hours of class time will be devoted to the Internal Assessment. Beyond that it is expected you will contribute at least the same amount of your own time towards the project.

My IA handbook is a thorough 30 page guide through each deliverable, filled with valuable notes from moderators and past experience of things students did well / not so well. Read it carefully.

The following supplemental resources will also be required.

Past exam IA's with feedback comments are available for STC students here.

  • Past IA's (you must be logged in to your STC google account to access)

Key dates

For the class of 2021

  • Draft IA due: Monday 7 December 2020
  • Final IA due: Monday 8 February 2021

Project ideas

GUI options for Python projects

  • Flaskwebgui - The Python equivilant to using Electron. Use a Chromium render engine to create a GUI that contains a website. Allows full flexibility in appearance/style because it's just CSS.
  • Flask - Create a proper website and host it online. Make it responsive and it will work perfectly on any phone or laptop. Create it as a PWA and it can install as an offline app on the phone.
  • Tkinter - The built-in, native method of creating GUI's with Python. Suitable for Windows/Mac/Linux projects. Uses OS style widgets such as textboxes, buttons, context menus.
  • Pygame - Game engine. Does not have OS widgets, the only things that appear on the screen are what you draw/create.
  • Kivy - Create cross-platform UI apps. Similar to Pygame in that it does not have OS widgets available. Can create Android/iOS.
  • Beeware - Create cross-platform UI apps with access to OS widgets. Can create Android/iOS.