Case study (HL)

The case study forms the entire basis of Paper 3 of the IB External Exams for Computer Science. The case study is released in May for the following years examinations.

Paper 3 is out of 30 marks. There are always 4 questions. Question 4 is an extended response worth 12 marks (40%) of the paper.

As part of your IB preparations, ISL students will have a paper 3 exam in their Year 13 mocks.

Goals of the case study

Through their investigation of the case study, students should be able to:

I am always open to the idea of a field trip or a guest speaker visitng our class if it is relevant to the case study. It would be great if you can refer to some primary research in your answers (the time I visited the….). Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Structure of paper 3

Class time schedule

Question 4

Question 4 mark scheme

No marks

1-3 marks - Basic

4-6 marks - Adequate

7-9 marks - Competent

10-12 marks - Proficient

Final points