My expectations of students can be summarised as follows.

Be respectful

Talk people up (kindness & thoughtfulness is never out of style). Never speak down to someone. Show undistracted focus when someone is speaking to you. Promptly give your full attention when it is called for.

Be responsible

You are responsible for your actions (or lack thereof). Don’t try to pass the blame.

Be ready

You need your laptop fully charged, diary, stationery, earphones & notebook every lesson. Be on time.

Be risky

It’s ok to make mistakes (it’s how we learn)! It’s not ok to not try.

Be passionate

Not everyone is so fortunate to benefit from a world class education. Don’t waste it or take it for granted, get everything you can out of this opportunity!

Be nerdy

This is a safe place to be a little nerdy. Everyone thinks programmers are nerds anyway, why disappoint? Think different!