Unit 1: Systems design

Old teaching notes

I am still in the process of migrating & updating my teaching material for this unit. In the interim, so as to faciliate revision by the current Year 13s, I have shared the teaching slides I used with you.

Open shared folder containing former teaching slides

System development life cycle

SDLC Phase 1: Requirements analysis

Project scoping

Stakeholder consultation

Project research

Requirements planning

SDLC Phase 2: Design

Diagrammatic representation

Data flow diagrams

System flow charts

Structure charts


Entity relationship diagrams

Client sign off

SDLC Phase 3: Implementation (Creation)

the cloud: saas, paas etc

Migration issues

Deployment issues

Change management issues

SDLC Phase 4: Testing



User documentation & training

Backup regieme

SDLC Phase 5: Evolution

Post implementation review

Stakeholder feedback

Start again