Internal assessment


Please download your comprehensive guide to the Internal Assessment.

The information document includes information pertaining to:

Please read it thoroughly and use the checklists.

Submission process

The IB has made changes with respect to anonymity of student work. Students should not include any identifying information within their IA work such as their name, name of school or name of teacher. Students are to only identify themselves using their 6 character IB code abc123.

1. Get the template

The IB provides an offical template ZIP file that contains the file/folder structure your submission requires. Download this, and unzip the file to a folder on your computer.

2. Prepare your documents

You are required to submit the following documents:

To do:

3. Prepare your product

Your product is required to be copied to a /Product folder in the root folder of your project.

If you need to give the marker special instructions on how to execute your project (passwords etc), those will be added to the HTML cover sheet.

4. Edit the HTML file

Open the index.html cover sheet in a text editor such as Brackets or Atom.

Edit the relevant sections of the HTML file as follows:

<a href="">Link to online version of project</a><br>
<a href="/Product/index.html">Link to offline (local) version of project</a><br>
<a href="/Documentation/Crit_A_Planning.pdf">Planning</a>

5. ZIP and name the folder

6. Submit your 4ICCS file

The 4ICCS file is the IB document containing the reflection for your Group 4 project. While not weighted as part of your Computer Science grade, it is still compulsory and must be submitted.

7. Submit to teacher

And you are done!


The following are real IB Computer Science Internal Assessments submitted in the last couple of years. They are samples that were externally moderated, so the marks shown are the final IB mark & grade for each IA. The marks are out of 34 (as per the marking guide).

They have been generously shared by a fellow teacher from another school, for me to use with my classes, on condition they are not further distributed or shared. Please express your appreciation to them for these files by respecting their wishes.

Go to the exemplars

These video links have been set to private on YouTube. Pleaes do not share, or download the videos with a youtube downloader.