11 Design: Project 2: Criterion A

Selecting a project

With the game development methods that Pygame brings, it is anticipated students will create a graphical project, most likely (though not necessarily) a computer game of some kind for Project 2. Either way, your intention is to showcase all you have learnt over the year with Python.

In considering project ideas, plan on having five weeks of class time dedicated for Criterion C. That’s 10 hours of in-class time plus whatever out-of-class time you wish to dedicate to the project. That time allowance should a guiding influence as to the expected scope/complexity of your project.

Task A1: Explain the problem

You will find a client who has “a need or problem” that they think can be solved through software. You can use a friend or family member to act as your client. This will form the basis of your research for Criterion A investigation phase.

To adequately address strand A1 you should:

Task A2: Identify your research

Now you have a problem to solve, it’s time to do some research into it so your solution can be as meaningful as possible.

To adequately address strand A2 you should:

Task A3: Get inspired!

Draw inspiration from existing software programs that you have access to or can research properly.

What has someone else made that solves (or attempts to solve, or partially solves) the problem? It could be the same problem or a similar problem. Their solution may work really well, or not at all. The idea is to learn from what others have tried before you.

To adequately address strand A3 you should:

Some videos I think are really interesting and would make great research for your Criterion A: Juice it or lose it - a talk by Martin Jonasson & Petri Purho How the inventor of Mario designs a game

The list below can be a good starting point of other successful games that may be worth looking at. Research into the game and the person who built it. Find articles/videos containing interviews with the person, about the person, about the game.

Some questions you may consider include:

Task A4: Design brief

To adequately address strand A4 you should: