11 Design: Project 1: Criterion A

Selecting a project

In considering project ideas, plan on having three weeks of class time dedicated for Criterion C. That’s 8 hours of in-class time plus whatever out-of-class time you wish to dedicate to the project. That time allowance should a guiding influence as to the expected scope/complexity of your project.

Some ideas to help you find a project:

While I am open to the idea of project pairs for Criterion C, I prefer the idea of independent projects and would need to be convinced of the merit of a proposed pairing with detail as to the complexity of the project and the equal allocation of programming tasks between partners.

Time considerations for project 1

Due to the limited time for project 1, we will modify Criterion A as follows. These instructions override those under the headings below.

Strand A1: Explain a problem

Strand A2: Identify research

Strand A3: Analyses existing products

Strand A4: Design brief