08 Design: Robotics: Tutorials & challenges

The following is a series of tutorials and challenges for you to complete with your mission partner. They are intended to teach you the core skills required to be able to successfully complete the mission.

Looking after the lego

Build a basic robot

08 Robotics Basic Kit

Using the printed manuals, follow the instructions from page 1 through 46. A digital copy of the assembly instructions is also available.

Do not start adding your own elements to the robot at this time, just stick to the base model. You will change your robot design later.

Create your first program

Watch the first tutorial video to learn how to use the Open Roberta software and create your first program.

Level 1 challenges

You are now ready to experiment and attempt the level 1 challenges. No sensors are required at this stage, and no extra lego additions to the robot.

Do experiment with different blocks to see how they behave, such as the ones shown on this page.

Complete at least two level 1 challenges. Demonstrate them to the teacher for signature when ready.

Complete videos 2, 3 & 4

Watch these videos and follow along replicating the functionality with your own EV3.

Level 2 challenges

You are now ready to attempt the level 2 challenges. Each of these only requires one sensor unless otherwise specified. Complete at least 2 of the level 2 challenges, but it is highly recommended you do at least one for each sensor. Demonstrate them to the teacher for signature when ready.

Level 3 challenges

To solve the challenges in level 3, you will have to do some of your own thinking and research. These are the harder challenges and are designed to see which students are capable of the more demanding tasks. Some students will struggle to complete these in time – remember it’s ok to make mistakes – it’s not ok to give up without trying!

Research, experiment, and attempt one of these challenges:

Note: You can custom make your own “object” from spare lego. You may want to adjust it’s “shape” to suit the challenge you are undertaking. For instance, an object that is thin on the base, but wider on top might help a forklift arm to slide underneath it, but would probably not suit a claw.