08 Design: Robotics: Criterion C

Task C1: Planning

Your team have been allocated a set number of lessons to complete Criterion C. Four weeks of class class time is about 12 hours of working time per team member! That is quite a lot of working time. It is up to you to ensure you don’t waste it, as poor use of your time will create a lot of homework and stress.

In order to ensure your time is well used, the very first task is to create a time plan that you and your partner(s) will commit to sticking to.

Complete your time plan by completing the table in section C3 of your Design Journal.

Task C2 & C3: Demonstrate technical skill & create your solution

Time to make your robot and program it to complete the Mars mission!


Assessment will be completed in four parts:

Task C4: Justify changes

Complete section C4 of your Design Journal, discussing the changes you made to what you originally wrote for B4 and C1 as you completed the Mars mission.