08 Design: Robotics: Criterion B

Task B1: Design specification

It is now time to start thinking about how you and your team will design a robot to complete your Mars mission!

The design specification is where you generate a list of project success criteria that you and your partner will use to judge how successful you have been with the project. Each success criterion should be as specific and measurable as possible. Remember, you will use your success criteria when you complete your project evaluation and reflection, so the more measurable you can make them the better.

To assist you in brainstorming your success criteria, you should use the following categories as headings, and then create criteria for each category.

Complete section B1 of your Design Journal. Ideally refer to what you learnt through the challenges when explaining your reasoning for each criterion.

Task B2: Design ideas

Now is the chance to redesign your robot. You may wish to build a robot based on the existing template we have been using so far, or you may wish to create an entirely new looking robot – the choice is yours. What will give you the best chance of completing the challenge?

You should create at least 2, ideally 3, quality drawn annotated diagrams of possible robot designs.

Your drawings should include annotations that:

The following prototype templates are available for you to print so you simply need to add your own changes and annotations.

Task B3: Design selection

Compare each of your design diagrams from task B2 against the success criteria you created in B1 to determine which design (or mix of designs) best satisfies your requirements and why.

Complete section B3 of your Design Journal.

Task B4: Final design in detail

For B4, if you are re-using a design diagram from B2 completely unmodified, you may re-insert the same diagram into the diagram section of B4. If you have decided you need to make some changes after doing the comparisons from B3, you will need to create a new diagram for this section.

Take time to carefully complete the written section explaining how your robot will function. Your aim is to explain how the logic of your Open Roberta program(s) will work. This should be as detailed as possible as it is where the focus of the marking for B4 will come from.

Complete section B4 of your Design Journal.

Check your work for Criterion B against the marking feedback template at the bottom of the page.