08 Design: Robotics: Criterion A

Task A1: Explain the scenario

Study the given scenario for the Mars mission. Do some brief research considering the following:

What factors might contribute to the environment on Mars being considered hazardous? Why might robots be an ideal solution to the problem presented? Don’t just use wikipedia - find information from more than one source. Make note of the web addresses of your sources.

Complete section A1 of your Design Journal. Be sure to write complete paragraphs for each question and include your reference website addresses.

Task A2, part 1: Identify your research

Brain storm a set of questions you need answers to before you will be able to complete the Mars mission. For instance you will need to learn about how to build objects with lego, how to attach motors, what sensors are available, how to wire it together. You will also need to learn how to program, how can a program work with the sensors, how can a program control motors, how can a program make decisions. Finally you’ll also have to learn things such as how to get the program onto the actual lego and make it run!

We’ll do a brain storm in class based on some of the above.

Based on the brain storm, select the 10 most important questions you think need to be answered in order to complete the Mars mission. You may use some of your own questions if you think they are better than the ones we came up with in class.

Complete the first table in section A2 of your Design Journal.

Task A2: part 2: Document your research learning

Now that you have completed the tutorials and challenges, summarise what you have learnt. Are you able to answer all the questions you identied in part 1?

Complete the second table in section A2 of your Design Journal. You may tweak the contents of the first table as well at this time if you wish.

Task A3: Analyse existing products


Classtime will not be allocated to this task. The due date will be agreed upon in class and posted on Google Classroom. This task is to be completed individually rather than in your teams.

Look at some existing real-world robots and study them to gain an understanding as to the true capabilities of modern robotics.

Some interesting robots that you could look at include (try to research into at least one that isn’t on this list): This Bricklaying Robot Can Build Walls Faster Than Humans (HBO) DARPA robotics competition 2015 Affordable robotic arms with amazing capabilities Avenger EOD bomb disposal robot Giant cranes and robots that keep civilisation running 3D printing stainless steal with giant robot arms * Construction robots

Complete section A3 of your Design Journal.

Remember to include Author, Title and Source in your referencing.

Task A4: Design brief

Complete section A4 of your Design Journal.

Question 2 (what you learnt from task A3) should contain a paragraph for each team members A3. The other questions should be completed as a team.

Once you have completed section A4, scroll to the bottom of this page and open the MYP 3 Design criteria feedback document. Use the check list for Criterion A to check your own work and ensure it is as thorough as you can make it.