08 Design: Coding: Criterion A

Task A1: Explain the problem

What apps do you use? Most apps can be grouped into one of four categories: gaming, social, media, or general. Some apps blur the boundaries such as YouTube could be considered a media app because of the video and music content, where as it could also be considered social because of the comments and chat capabilities.

Spend a few minutes brainstorming all the different apps you use and can think of, and what purposes they solve. What do successful apps have in common?

Consider the key question: What market opportunities exist for new apps?

Some other questions that may help you in coming up with an answer to the key question are:

Spend a few minutes researching into these issues and be able to explain your thoughts.

Complete section A1 of your Design Journal. Be sure to write complete paragraphs for each question and include your reference website addresses.

Task A2: Plan your research

You are going to research into at least 3 different existing apps and their marketability.

Do some preliminary research to decide which apps you are going to study, then brain storm questions you want to answer about each one.

Remember: Variety in the types of apps you study is important. You may only study one “mass market / broad appeal / zero cost / funded through advertising” app; no more than one “social media” app; no more than one “game” app.

We will brain storm in class different questions that might be relevant for certain apps. The following are also some suggestions to help you get started:

Complete section A2 of your Design Journal. To adequately address strand A2 you should:

Task A3: Analyse existing products

For each app you identified in A2, conduct the research you planned.

Begin with the question you gave priority 1, move on to the question you gave priority 2 etc. Keep researching until you have used up the allotted class time. Ensure you include the reference information. Be sure to include pictures / diagrams / links to videos as well.

Some videos I think are really interesting and would make great research for your Criterion A:

To adequately address strand A3 you should:

Task A4: Design brief

Now that you have completed your research, part A4 is about you summarising what you have learnt and offering an analysis of the information.

To adequately address strand A4 you should:

Complete the section A4 in your Design Journal.