08 Design

Welcome to the Year 8 Digital Design course!

This course is an introduction to the concept of computer programming. We use and depend on computers every day, not just the laptops we carry to class, but the phones in our pockets, the GPS in cars, the traffic lights in the streets, the money in our bank accounts and in so many aspects of our lives! The need for an understanding of how computers function to be a highly valuable member of today’s society is only going to further increase! We have made our lives so dependant on computers, you owe it to yourself to know what’s going on - where the risks are. Programming also develops great thinking skills that will be invaluable whether you choose to code or not… GROW YOUR BRAIN! Finally, it’s just great nerdy fun!!!

Course documents

Unit 1: Robotics

Week 1 (29 Aug-31 Aug)

Week 2 (03 Sep-07 Sep)

Week 3 (10 Sep-14 Sep)

No classes - Trips week

Week 4 (17 Sep-21 Sep)

Week 5 (24 Sep-28 Sep)

Week 6 (01 Oct-05 Oct)

Week 7 (08 Oct-12 Oct)

Week 8 (15 Oct-19 Oct)

October mid-term break

Week 9 (29 Oct-02 Nov)

Week 10 (05 Nov-09 Nov)

Week 11 (12 Nov-16 Nov)

Week 12 (19 Nov-23 Nov)

Week 13 (26 Nov-30 Nov)

Week 14 (03 Dec-07 Dec)

Week 15 (10 Dec-14 Dec)

Winter/Christmas break

Week 16 (07 Jan-11 Jan)

Week 17 (14 Jan-18 Jan)

Week 18 (21 Jan-25 Jan)

No classes - Ski week

Unit 2: Coding

Are you ready to make an app? Or perhaps your own video game? Then this is the unit for you!

You have the opportunity to create your project using either Scratch or Python!

Week 19 (28 Jan-01 Feb)

Week 20 (04 Feb-08 Feb)

Week 21 (11 Feb-15 Feb)

Deciding between Python and Scratch

Scratch Python Turtle Python
Most beginner friendly A middle of the road option Who’s up for a challenge?
Drag and drop block style programming Text based programming language Text based programming language
Suitable for simple 2D graphical games such as breakout, mario platformer, snake, tic-tac-toe, infinite runner Suitable for simple 2D graphical games similar to those that can be done with Scratch Simple graphical games
You would have to solve how to create the entire project Some sample code provided, but you would be able to solve key sections on your own I provide template code for several graphical games so you wouldn’t have to figure it all out on your own.
Final product runs in web browser on Windows or Mac computers Final product runs on Windows or Mac computers Final product runs on Windows or Mac computers

For the first couple of weeks, every student should be attempting one of the Python options. If, after you have given it a genuine attempt, you wish to use Scratch, you can discuss it with me to get approval to swtich.

Week 22 (18 Feb - 22 Feb)

February mid-term break

Week 23 (04 Mar - 08 Mar)

Week 24 (11 Mar - 15 Mar)

Week 25 (18 Mar - 22 Mar)

Week 26 (25 Mar - 29 Mar)

Week 27 (01 Apr - 05 Apr)

Week 28 (08 Apr - 12 Apr)

Spring/Easter break

Week 29 (29 Apr - 03 May)

Week 30 (06 May - 10 May)

Week 31 (11 May - 17 May)

Week 32 (20 May - 24 May)

Week 33 (27 May - 31 May)

Week 34 (03 Jun - 07 Jun)

Week 35 (10 Jun - 14 Jun)

Week 36 (17 Jun - 21 Jun)

Week 37 (24 Jun - 28 Jun)